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Best Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler)

Bitcoin mixer (Bitcoin tumbler, Bitcoin mixing service) is an anonymization service that makes it difficult or almost impossible to track transactions in the Bitcoin system. We have collected the most popular cryptocurrency mixers for you.

Best bitcoin tumbler links:

1. Cryptomixer
2. ChipMixer
3. ultramx
4. Blender
5. BitcoinMix
6. Bitmix
7. BitCloak
8. Helix-gram

What are Bitcoin mixers?

Bitcoin Mixers are websites offering a solution to improve the privacy of Bitcoin. As you know, the network uses addresses with pseudo-anonymity - despite the fact that it does not reveal information about users, all information about the transfer of coins and the amount of transactions is available. Therefore, if you wish, you can track the movement of the coin and calculate who owns the address.

Bitcoin Mixer allows you to receive “clean” coins instead of “dirty” ones, which retain the traces of past movements. Such a site accepts deposits from different users, mixes them according to special algorithms, charges a small commission and returns the required amount to each user. At the same time, there is a guarantee that you will not come across your own coins.

We analyzed several dozen working mixers and selected the top five from them. These resources will provide you with the utmost privacy in your privacy, whatever your goals.

  • Cryptomixer
  • ChipMixer
  • ultramx
  • Blender
  • BitcoinMix
  • Bitmix
  • BitCloak
  • Helix-gram


You need to download tor browser for PC here. As soon as the browser has been installed you can follow the link grams7s5lhi3zidl.onion The mixer has a lot of positive reviews. It guarantees complete anonymity of transactions. Thanks to the unique code that the user has to enter with every mixing, he will never receive his coins, and no one will be able to track his transactions, even if he regularly uses the service. Information about the operation is automatically deleted 72 hours after the operation; you can do it manually earlier.

Service advantages:

  • A randomization function that further complicates the analysis of the blockchain.
  • Manually configurable commission. For BTC - from 0.4% to 4%, plus a network commission of 0.0003 coins is automatically charged for each specified address (if the randomization option is enabled, then twice as much)
  • Transactions are carried out after 1 blockchain confirmation.
  • As a rule, mixing happens instantly. With a heavy network load, the process can take up to 24 hours.
  • Simple interface. It only takes a few steps to mix the Bitcoins. Like all the services listed below, Helix mixer url sends a letter of guarantee to the client at the time of the operation, which may be needed when contacting technical support.
  • The service also works through Tor.

Review of top Bitcoin mixers

Cryptomixer (Best bitcoin mixer №1)

CryptoMixer is developed with input from the entire Bitcoin community. For three years of operation, the site has never been compromised, has not received letters related to national security or orders from government organizations. The mixer provides a high level of protection: modern encryption methods, unique codes for all users, timely deletion of information about transactions.

Other benefits:

  • Large reserves (over 2000 BTC) allowing mixing from minimum (0.001 BTC) to maximum amounts.
  • Low fees - from 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC, manually configured. Regular users who mix Bitcoins regularly get discounts.
  • There is a mirror for Tor.
  • Transactions under 25 BTC only require one confirmation.
  • The order is processed within 24 hours.
  • The resource does not keep logs, deleting information about operations in a day.

ChipMixer (Bitcoin Tumbler)

ChipMixer deletes transaction details 24 hours after completion and allows manual deletion at any time. Doesn't require creating an account to work with the service. It is quite easy to use, in addition, round-the-clock technical support works.

Service advantages:

  • Tor browser support.
  • Three-level referral program with the ability to receive up to 70% of referral commissions (55% from the first level invitees, 10% from the second and 5% from the third).
  • The commission is set manually by the user.
  • To increase anonymity, you can specify multiple exit addresses.
  • Manual setting of the delay time. The longer the delay, the higher the resulting anonymity.
  • Using several different mixing strategies.
  • Possibility to pay for goods or services with anonymous coins.
  • The launch of applications for iOS and Android is planned.

Bitcoin Mixer

Service advantages:

  • System of two pools - for sending and for receiving (MP2C protocol). Increases privacy.
  • Low commissions (determined randomly for each operation, from 1% to 2.99%)
  • Random time of receipt of funds. The operation can take from 6 to 24 hours.
  • Large selection of supported coins.
  • SSL encryption of the site to protect data.
  • Fast technical support, usually responds within an hour. The BitcoinMix response time is 24 hours.
  • Low minimum limit - from $ 20. The maximum mixable amount is equivalent to $ 500,000.
  • You can specify up to ten different output addresses at a time.

Btc Mixer

The principle of the mixer is that collects coins from all users into one account, mixes them up, and then distributes the bitcoins to its customers. You receive the same amount (excluding fees) of already laundered bitcoins, which include several from different parts of the blockchain. Which makes it almost impossible to analyze it.

In addition, the mixer sends you a letter of guarantee. This letter of guarantee is a confirmation of BitMix commitment and that the service has generated an address for the user to send. This email is always signed from the main bitcoin account BitMix (publicly available on BitMix).

Service advantages:

  • Also, the mixer provides a unique code of 12 characters, after which the user will never receive his coins back. Save this code, it will come in handy for your referral program.
  • BitMix includes an affiliate program and pays users when they bring other users to the platform. You will receive a commission for every transaction you link to.
  • BitMix's robust privacy policy is backed by several points:
  • No registration or identity verification is required.
  • The transaction history is deleted after 72 hours. The randomization function further complicates the analysis of the blockchain. Tor browser support.

Bitcoin Blender "BitCloak"

BitCloak is a coin cleaning service that allows you to hide your steps in the world of cryptocurrencies. At this point in time, BitCloak has a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.035 BTC, so users are advised to transfer more than 0.035 BTC plus commission, otherwise it will not be possible to withdraw funds.

Service advantages:

  • The client is given 5 exit addresses to set.
  • If for some reason, even after a delay of two hours, the user's balance does not update, then the user can write to those. support for action.
  • For users who have been inactive for several days, it can take up to 15 minutes after logging in before you see outstanding deposits.
  • Transaction histories for 1 week after which they are automatically deleted.
  • The program runs on a specially dedicated server that is openly connected via the Internet (you don't need to do this when using the Tor browser). The Bitcoin mixer is loaded on a different machine, all suspicious activity is monitored and the website is automatically shut down on any signals that it is under intrusion.

Bitcoin Mixer

The mixer also has large reserves, so the amount of funds spent through it is practically unlimited and the process is fast. But the client can manually set the delay for a more thorough mixing of the Bitcoins. The transaction requires three confirmations from miners regardless of the amount.

Service advantages:

  • Logs are not stored, all data related to operations is erased after funds are sent to target addresses.
  • The maximum possible transaction amount has not been set and depends on the available reserves, and the minimum is 0.001 BTC. If a smaller amount is accidentally sent, then you should contact technical support by attaching a letter of guarantee.
  • supports SegWit URLs starting with the number "3".
  • The site also supports bech32 addresses that start with "bc1". However, in this case, it may not be possible to track the transaction.

Bitcoin mix

We rated the User-Experience 4/5 simply because it lacks sliders, which some other mixers may offer. Nonetheless, the UI is still extremely simple, easy to use as well as understand.

The transaction fee is a static 1% of the total deposit, along with an additional 0.000001 BTC for each additional address. A total of 5 output addresses are supported. The smallest accepted deposit is 0.0002 BTC. Only 1 confirmation is required for mixes smaller than 20 BTC. Mixes >20BTC require 6 confirmations.

Does offer a No Logs policy, with 7-day retention of the logs. After which they’re automatically and permanently deleted. Users can also delete logs manually after each mix. Fund-distribution is user-controlled, time-delays too can be controlled manually and choices can be made from “Instant” payouts, to a delay of 24 hours.

Service advantages:

  • User Experience Rating – 4/5
  • Transaction Fee – 1% + 0.000001 BTC
  • Minimum Deposit – 0.0002 BTC
  • Additional Addresses – 5
  • No Logs Policy – Yes
  • The service also works through Tor.
  • Registration Required – No
  • Time Delays – Yes
  • User-Controlled Fund Distribution – Yes

How does a Bitcoin mixer work?

Bitcoin shuffling involves using a third party service to sever the connection between the sending wallet and the recipient of the coins. Therefore, if a person does not want the whole world to know where he got his coins from and / or to which addresses the bitcoins are sent, then it is best to do this. The provider of the bitcoin transfer service is called the bitcoin tumbler.

btc mixer logo

Mixing coins will provide you with a certain degree of privacy by mixing your coins with other coins previously sent or in their reserve and sending different coins to the address you specify. By looking at the blockchain, you can see that you have sent your coins to the wallet. And if someone has sent coins to the wallet you want to send, there will be no connection between your wallet address and the place where you want to deliver your cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin mixer

Peer-to-peer tumblers emerged in an attempt to correct the shortcomings of the centralized acrobatic model. These services serve as a meeting point for bitcoin users instead of borrowing coins for mixing. Users arrange mixing themselves. This model solves the theft problem as there is no middleman. Protocols such as Coin Join, Shared Coin and Coin Swap allow multiple users to join together to create a single bitcoin exchange transaction in multiple steps. When it is fully formed, the exchange of BTC between the participants begins. With the exception of the mixing server, none of the participants can know the connection between the addresses of the incoming and outgoing coins. This operation can be performed multiple times with different recipients to complicate the analysis of the transaction.

Whereas newer coin implementations such as Cloakcoin, Dash, PIVX and Zcoin have built-in mixing services as part of their blockchain network.

Bitcoin mixer

It is important to be trusted. There is no authority or government you can complain about if they run away with your coins. Therefore, if you like privacy and also want to protect your cryptocurrency from government tracking or tracking, Bitcoin mixer services are a good option.

As with any other case, you should do your research before using the bitcoin transfer services and use the ones with the best reviews and the highest level of trust. We do not officially support any bitcoin mixers. The tumblers we call reliable have been around for a long time and there are no verifiable complaints about them. We do not link to mixers that are scams or that do not work as advertised.

1. Cryptomixer
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2. ChipMixer
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3. ultramx
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4. Blender
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5. BitcoinMix
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6. Bitmix
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